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Lift Refurbishment

Updating your lift can be a simple way to improve the experience for your customers, employees or the public.
Consider the time your users will be spending in your lift, and you may realise the impact a design update may have.

For employees, time spent in a lift can add to the calmer moments of a busy workday. A space to breathe as they move around the building or connect with a colleague for a quick discussion.

For a customer, your lift space is an extension of your brand identity. How are you welcoming them into your business’ home and showcasing your values through the design and function of your lift?

Public lifts are places that can feel confining for some, so upgrading your lift design can support the way social interaction can happen. This can work to allow people to feel more comfortable when they are so close to others that they wouldn’t normally be placed in such proximity to.

The main reason, of course, for a lift refurbishment is to ensure your lift is safe and functioning effectively.
Whatever you require as part of your upgrade, we are ready to support you with expert guidance to find the right solutions for your lift upgrade.

Lift Upgrade

Lift upgrading is a process by which an existing lift is modernised to meet the current standards and regulations. This can involve replacing old equipment or installing new safety features. Lift modernisation is often seen as an essential process for maintaining a safe and functional lift system. Upgrading your lift can consist of:

• Replacement control panel
• Replacement landing push buttons and indicators
• Replacement in car control panel (COP)
• All associated wiring and car top equipment

Undertaking an electrical modernisation will dramatically increase reliability, increase energy efficiency and eliminate the expensive issue of hard to obtain or obsolete spare parts.
We use open protocol equipment that ensures your equipment can be easily worked on by any future lift company without the need for expensive and restrictive test-tools.

Hydraulic Lift Modernisation

If you have a hydraulic lift, we can refurbish it with our experienced lift engineers who have experienced of all types of lifts available. This could consist of:

  • Replacement hydraulic tank unit
  • Ram seals
  • Valve block
  • Hoses

Replacing certain components of your hydraulic equipment that are showing signs of wear will improve the reliability of your lift and consequently serve to reduce maintenance costs. In undertaking a free, no obligation site survey prior to quotation, our experts will ensure that you are receiving the most cost-effective solution for your requirements.

Lift Safety

As standard, our refurbishment works ensure that your lift complies with the latest safety standards . This includes correct health and safety signage, protection from moving parts, emergency communication, alarm systems and emergency lighting.

With a comprehensive understanding of the latest standards and regulations, you can rely on us to provide you with a cost-effective service that meets the highest safety standards.

Lift Interior Upgrades

If your interior could do with a ‘lift’, we can upgrade the inside to improve the appearance. This could include:

  • New LED lighting systems with emergency back up
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • New wall panels in a colour and finish to suit your requirements
  • Fully DDA compliant mirrors and handrails
  • Emergency communication and alarm systems
  • CCTV installation

As such an integral part of your building, a dated or tired appearance within a lift car can have detrimental impacts on the impression you give to its users.

In delivering a lift interior upgrade, we ensure full compliance with The Disability Discrimination Act (1995). With our vast choice of materials and finishes we can upgrade your lift to complement the exact image that you want to present.

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